Monday, 28 March 2011

So? By Storm Griffiths.

So I've let tears 
Loose down my face
So I've let fears 
Get in my way
So I've been bad, 
I've been good, 
I've been great
If I want something, 
I haven't the patience to wait
So I've had sad times, 
Good times and bad times
So I can do with some work on my traits
So I can't dance, 
I CAN sing 
I CAN write
So I get angry, 
My barks worse than my bite
So I may not be gorgeous, 
But I'm beautiful inside
So when I'm scared, 
I run and I hide
So about my sporting abilities, 
Lets not go there
But I know how to love 
And i know how to care
So just take me the way that I am
And I'll do the same,
Coz i know that I can.

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  1. And we LoVE you that way!

    Love and Hugz

    PS : Please turn off the word verification ....


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