Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Infinity. Chapter 1 Pages 4, 5 & 6. By Storm Griffiths. - ENJOY!

He pulled my hand roughly towards his pants “I want you to feel something honey, I guarantee you will like it” disgusted with him (duh) I did what any Night Class student would do, I used our P.E training. I wrenched my wrist from his hold, kneed him where it hurt, head butted him as he bent over, and then braced against the sink, planted my feet on his chest and pushed, catapulting him across the room into, and through, the teachers toilet door. I wanted to shout something clever at him like ‘who’s your honey now’ but I just didn’t have it in me. He seemed to recover rather quickly. I couldn’t see him but I heard him roar, then I saw a blur as he launched himself at me. I jumped over him, grabbing the corner of the door and letting it swing open with me on it, I swung and twisted in the air landing on the wall between two stalls in a low crouch, I hissed loudly at him. I could feel my pupils elongate, and my blood teeth protrude, pressing lightly against my lower lip. I knew that when he looked at me I would be glowing faintly, this is what happens when I get angry, or hungry. Now I was ready to fight. After he launched at me he had landed on the sink, it was a solid structure and wouldn’t break under his weight, unfortunately. A growl emerged from deep in his throat and I noticed that he was partly transformed, his face was slightly more conical, his ears pointier, and over all he looked hairier. He jumped at me again, and caused me to slip off the wall, I landed on the floor next to the toilet (thankfully) with a small ‘oomph’, and heard a splash in the next toilet, together with a harsh curse word. I crawled underneath the door, not bothering to unlock it, why the hell was it locked from the inside in the first place? I rolled over and looked into the stall next to mine, Kody had fallen and his foot had gotten stuck in the toilet. I got up quickly and quietly, but I had the very sudden urge to giggle, I got out a soft ‘ha’ before I restrained myself. Kody spun around to look at me, his foot still in the toilet. His eyes were pure orange. “You think this is funny, huh?” he asked, I smiled widely showing my perfect little pointed fangs, and nodded. He growled, and the noise pierced my brain. He threw himself at me, I thought his foot was still stuck and that he would just fall flat on his face and break his leg, but that wasn’t the case, it must have twisted loose as he leaped. He hit me with the force of a truck, and I cried out in surprise and pain as we hit the floor together. I immediately became like a wildcat beneath him, biting, kicking and clawing at him. He didn’t even budge the great big oaf. I screamed my lungs out for help; I couldn’t get the upper hand. He grinned at me evilly as he tried to hold me down. I snapped my fangs at his arms, drinking his blood would weaken him, and strengthen me, but he didn’t let me, I twisted just as the door swung open, the wind must have closed it earlier. Or Kody. I looked into the face of the person that stood in the doorway, hoping beyond hope it was someone from the night class coming to help me. It wasn’t. (Of course) It wasn’t even the cleaner. It was Jonathan. As the door slammed against the wall, Kody’s head turned, seeking the sound, his glowing eyes found Jonathan. Before I even suspected what he would do, he jumped off me and launched at Jonathan, sinking his almost fully formed Wolf teeth into Jon’s shoulder. Jonathan screamed, and that brought me to action. “Jon!” I cried out as I got up and leaped onto Kody’s broad back, “Let. Go. You. Overgrown. Dog!” I managed to get out as I clawed his face with my extended fingernails. He howled as I scratched skin off of him. The strong smell of Jonathan’s blood reached my overly sensitive nose. It made my throat itch terribly. Kody let go of Jonathan and grabbed my hands, he turned around and flung me away from him. Straight into the mirror.

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