Monday, 28 March 2011

Infinity. Chapter 1 Pages 1,2 & 3. By Storm Griffiths-ENJOY.

I sat at the lunch tables outside, watching as students from the Day Class of Blacktip High went home. My dad had fetched my sister Rose already, and dropped me off for the Night Class. It’s two hours early, Night Class only started when the sun went down, hence the name. I don’t mind being here early though, there is always something to do, either work or drawing, and I’m not affected by the sunlight like some of the other Night students are. My main reason for coming here early though, has changed, it’s no longer to get away from my sister and her annoyingly normal life. His name is Jonathan James. We had been friends once, before I found out how far from normal I was, from the time we could walk to the time I was nine and he ten. He had left the school and moved away. Now, seven years later, he was back for some reason. I had never gone to talk to him as he left for home, truth is I’m terrified he might make a cross out of his fingers and shout ’Back beast!’ and that’s if he even recognizes me at all, I’d done a whole lot of growing in seven years. You see, I’m the reason his family packed up and left. His family is the reason I got transferred to the night classes so early in life. The night classes are for ’special’ children, like me, and my friend Luna, who I could sense coming up behind me now. “Hey Rea” I heard in Luna’s soft other-worldly voice, “Hey Luna” I replied cheerfully as I turned towards her. Luna is a Moon-Child, I think that all Moon-Children look the same, just with varying degrees of beauty. They all had black hair, black eyes and deathly pale skin, Luna’s skin tone was just a few shades lighter than mine, I was also pretty pale than was normal but, I’m not normal. Luna was very delicately built, like a pixie, we’re the same size only her pants dragged on the floor for me. Her black hair is tied up in a long ponytail today, just like every other day actually. Her black eyes stared blankly at the children walking out the gates. Oh, I knew that look, I knew it and had learned not to like it, I could feel the smile fade from my face. “Luna? What do you see?” She blinked her eyes a few times. See, Luna has this thing where she sees the future, then acts weird about it. She didn’t disappoint me this time around, she replied “I see… nothing that I can change, control, or interfere with. Like always Rea” she turned her face from mine “Damn” she said as she looked through her satchel “Damn, I think I forgot my uh, my book on future um, reading. Yeah, gosh I better go fetch it before nightfall. I’ll see you later Rea. I’m so sorry.” Huh? I thought as she left as swiftly as she came. She was lying, I could tell by how she hid her face from me, and she could have come up with something better than forgetting her book on future reading at home. That wasn’t even a subject here. I rolled my eyes, as if she would forget anything at home. I sighed, forgetting about Luna for awhile. I hadn’t seen Jonathan leave yet, that probably meant that he hadn’t been to school, not many students stay here after school. They get out as quickly as possible, before the scary, unknown Night students crawl into the building and eat them all. You’d swear we would actually do that, but we happen to be civilized creatures. Though some of the Weres and Vamps are a bit… hungry for human flesh, and blood. But that’s what the school is for, to help them control themselves, to learn normal, and not so normal school subjects while also learning not to kill or eat people. I looked around me; there was absolutely no one around. Now that was unusual, there was always someone here. Well I guess I was that someone today. I checked my watch, then the sky, still another hour or so before Night Class began. I sighed again; I felt natures call and chose to leave my books on the table as I went to the bathroom. As I bent over the sink to drink a little water I felt a presence behind me, a large animal presence. I spun around to face one of the Weres, this one was a Were-Wolf. His name was Kody, I felt my neck hairs rise as I looked at him. I wiped my mouth on my sleeve. “What in the heck are you doing in the girls bathroom Kody?” He didn’t answer me, instead he smiled showing his neat white teeth, and his eyes glowed orange. I shivered right to my toes, Vamps and Were-Wolves simply did not get along, It’s hardwired into every fiber of their being, even Djamphir feel it.(Djamphir is what I am, half Vamp half human) I gripped onto the sink and hissed at him “What do you want Kody?” He just kept smiling and moved closer, I hate the fact that Were-Wolves are so damn big, I looked up, and up, and up at him. Okay so I was pretty short, but… man wow. He seemed to finally find his tongue, but I could of done without the rough gravely-ness of it, I could also have done without him being with me alone in the girls bathroom. He replied to my questions “You seem to think you’re better than anyone else here Andrea, ever since the beginning, you never speak to any one, listen to anyone, or look at anyone besides that weird Moon-Child. I’m surprised you even know my name.” He stepped right in front of me, and put his hands on either side of me, effectively trapping me against the sink. Even out of his Were-Wolf form he was strong, huge and menacing, and what was that? Dog breath? Ewww, I held my breath as his face came closer to mine. My cat green eyes looked up at his glowing orange ones. I started reaching for the door of the toilet closest to us, but he grabbed my wrist before I could grab the handle and hit him in the face with the door. “Ah-ah you little half breed. I’m going to show you that even you can be had, just like any other girl in any other school, Djamphir or not.”

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